Here is Hector's first blog post [January 19, 2005]: "It's clear to Sylvia and me that we are being ignored. Burdened as we are with this huge responsibility, both to the Peirceans and to our fellow citizens, we have decided to step up and actively participate in the world of puteracy, that world whose evangelists have chosen us as conduits. We are not convinced that we can take this step without compromising our objectivity, or, for that matter, losing control of our medium. But we see no alternative."
It is, in fact, often hard to tell 1/ which of the blog posts transmit Hector's own voice, 2/ which are his and Sylvia's paraphrase of the views
    expressed by their importunate guests, and 3/ which are unmediated bulletins posted by the ICA's
   [Intergalactic Cultural Anthropologists] themselves. Consequently, until we figure out how to make these crucial distinctions, we will simply put up whatever we find, along with such contextual data and posting dates as we can get hold of. Thank you for your patience.