¿how'd you like to take a look at a "parsed", in fact rhetorically refracted story?  it's a translation of nikolai gogol's tale, "Diary of a Madman", about...  well, it's about you;

not that you're mad, or anything like that;

[well, actually, if literacy is an unwholesome affective syndrome...]

anyway, as the tropes [figures of style], and the topoi [figures of plot] of gogol's story coalesce, you will find that to navigate the narrative, you have to come to terms with the way you read [your role in the figures of discourse];  you'll see;

go ahead and click on the DIARY OF A MADMAN link, at the bottom of this page;  But Wait!  when you get to the gogol page, be ready to adjust the width of the left-hand frame, or your font size, so the line numbers just jibe with the formatted text: 

10    head always seems in a muddle? Half the

then try pressing the first little blue hyper-glyph [Diary×];  when you do, make sure the top-right frame is long enough so you can see the MENU BAR at the bottom, with a blinking selection:

| Info | Style | Plot | Discourse |

now go ahead and click your way through the parsing links which are activated by the first two or three hyper-glyphs;  so you get the knack;  once you feel at home with rhetoric, you might want to stop and read the story straight through, without the glyphs [it's only about 20 pages of book print];  then you can go back and negotiate the glyphs wherever the story grabs you [like the part about the doggy letters];  Use firefox if you can. have fun!